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Posted on September 30, 2010


I’ve started this blog because lately I’ve had a burning desire to buy out one of those electronic billboards and stream my rambling conscious for all passing by to oohh and aahh at. Since I just spent most of my paycheck on impulse buys at the health food store I’m employed at and new jewelry for my ever-growing collection of piercings ( I do reside at home with my parents by the way but don’t get too judgmental…yet), I figure a blog is a more realistic place to start.

To all you cool kids reading this I need to get something off my chest; most of the time I seriously question my sanity. Oh yes, that’s right, I have bouts of 100% pure as is unfiltered GENIUS. I have days where I look in the mirror and thank my mother for birthing such a glorious idea generating daughter. Does anyone else experience this? This self loving cloud where you have fabulous insurmountable ideas and million dollar schemes that inspire you to change the world? I do, and sadly, (for my own narcissistic pleasure) way too frequently to share with my boy friend, girl friends, or Mom, and in hindsight many I’m glad I didn’t; however, as the story goes, this usually follows a pattern of self defeat where I end up in the classic, maybe tomorrow I’ll start on that whole revolution thing. Maybe its times like these I need to put on my WWGGD (What Would GaGa Do) bracelet and take the show on the road. Or perhaps this just happens to be the downfall of the general population of genii. The ideas are there but the proper vehicle equipped to handle such a load isn’t yet available. I guess all us Generation Y Einsteins out there could start by being the change we wish to see and envisioning a bright and shiny U-haul at our doorstep ready to bring the circus in to town, so to speak..or I mean if you have a real circus to bring than hell, I’d just straight up ask you to let me join (seriously though message me if you own an operating or even semi-operating circus).

SO, as of now I’m fully prepared to share my out of sight grammatically skewed world with you because hell, I’d say for the most part I’m pretty damn interesting, and I bet you are too. Let’s blog up our laptop screens together. Until next time…

love yourself, have purpose, believe : )

Phat Chow

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