All Natural Anti-Inflammatory Juice Shot Experiment

Posted on October 13, 2010


Nooo silly, this is no Carribou Lou, it’s my anti-inflammatory post workout juice shot! Starring: all natural raw pineapple juice, all natural black cherry juice concentrate, lemon flavored fish oil (if your as much of a nerd for omegas as I am…and really come on, why wouldn’t you be!?). One of my professors a few semesters ago mentioned the use of cherry juice by all the University athletes after intense cardio and lifting sessions to keep unnecessary inflammation to a minimum and my curiosity was sparked ever since.

Working at a health food store I see select customers coming in and out weekly for cherry juice and cherry juice only. I always ask the big W’s when they come through the checkout lane and I never fail to hear an amazing tale of recovery. Most are avoiding prescriptions and sticking to around 1 tbls. a day (depending on severity of condition and recovery necessary) of cherry juice and have seen amazing results with the complete dissapearence of chronic gout attacks, recovery from surgery and blunt trauma, and even just as a preventitive anti-aging measure passed down from generations! I’m so excited because I’ve finally given myself a valid excuse to try this remedy: I’m ice-skating again. Wow that’s crazy to type out loud. So after “retiring” from my 13 years of competitive figure skating several years back, I’m actually skating again and preparing for Nutcracker on Ice, hence: a remedy for muscle stiffness and training induced inflammation is already proving to be MUCH needed.

Bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme naturally occurring in pineapple stems and juice, is a fairly well researched natural anti-inflammatory agent. It’s also thought to aid in digestion, help treat inflammatory bowel disease, and osteo-arthritis. Cherries are known for anthocyanins, the “miracle” compound thought to fight uric acid buildup in joints, therefore providing relief of gout and other types of joint pain. Recent studies show the anti-inflammatory power of anthocyanins are 10 times stronger than ibuprofen! Sign me up, done and done.

Recipe for my very experimental anti-end of the week sore and inflamed whininess (for my boyfriends sake, although whatever the outcome I better not see a reduction in his hand to my back rub down time…ok so maybe ill still whine a little bit) cocktail for health, rightfully dubbed: The Perry AI*

  • 1 tbls. Cherry Juice Concentrate (If juicing your own cherries keep in mind, the darker the cherry, the more nutritious it is, which, as for the most part can be said about all other fruits and vegetables. I’m using black cherry juice concentrate by Dynamic Health)
  • 1.5 oz Raw, All Natural Pineapple Juice (I like the kind by Lakewood. Remember to shake the bottle vigorously before pouring to properly distribute nutrients.)
  • tiny splash, Diet Orange Sunkist (absolutely no nutritioanl value whatsoever, I just like the orange fizziness : ) )
  • 1 oz. 151 rum (I mean, if it’s a Friday night…)

***Optional: 1 tsp. Lemon Flavor Cod Liver Oil, like the kind by Nordic Naturals (Cod liver oil is an abundant source of Omega-3s (EPA & DHA) and Vitamin A & D. Our bodies can convert DHA to a chemical called Resolvin D2. Resolvin D2 then further reacts with inner linings of blood vessels to form a layer of nitric oxide, which inhibits inflammation within the blood vessels.)

Ok so, maybe this isn’t a shot per see; it’s more like 2 gulps, and hell sip it if your feeling dangerous (although with the fish oil, mehh, not realllyyy all that recommended..)

*haha, get it? (Pineapple cherry Anti Inflammatory.) Someones got a new drink order at the bars…I know right, I’m a wild child..