Fat Burning Peanutty Seaweed Goodness? Yeahh, About That.

Posted on October 24, 2010



fat burning seaweedy goodness?? hmmmm...


Ok guys, so heres the dish on this “thermogenic” bar. It claims to burn fat naturally with fucoxanthin, a natural thermogenic (fat burner) found in several types of marine vegetables (edible seaweed), long considered among the most nutritious vegetation on earth. It supposedly naturally increases metabolism, burns fat, and assists in weight management. ****based upon consumption of two bars daily. But what the hey, one bar HAS to do me some good right?
So after being dumbfounded by the fabulous nutrition label exclaiming the bar to contain a whopping 15 grams of protein, 9 grams of dietaryfiber, 16% of the daily iron (almost as much as in the multivitamin I take) and 7% of the daily calcium I need, only 9 grams of sugar and 230 calories, I faced the bewildering looks of my fellow rainbow blossom employees and made the purchase.
I’ve been waiting for the perfect, most opportune time to crack open this nutrition powerhouse of a snack, so as I’m stranded on cat feeding duty in my boyfriends vacant apartment with my stomach lurching for a snack, I reached into my purse and oh yes, my experimental fat burner bar! And understand this, my mouth has been salavating over the picture of peanuty goodness on the wrapper since the day it arrived at work. So as my excitement began to peak and I expected to see a bar pertaining to the image of oh I dont know, a payday or related peanuty protein bar on the shelves, I neglected to consider how the seaweed element would come into play as I took the first god forsaken bite. My stomach has proven to tolerate some pretty weird hippie food in my day but  my appetite was slightly curdled by the greenish brown seaweed log I unveiled to my taste buds. But alas, I was hungry, so I ate it begrudgingly.
I decided to focus on all the good it was going to do for my body, despite the weird protein bar taste the inside of my mouth was dealing with. (oh and the taste lingers, believe you me, it will come back in burps to remind you of the sacrifice you made.)
So in a nutshell, dont buy “fat burning” supplemental protein bars expecting a party in your mouth.
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