Have Your To-furky And Eat It Too This Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 17, 2010



Exactly what I hope I hear none of my beloved relatives proclaim this T-day!


When one of my aunts sent out an email suggesting we keep an eye on the nutritional value of the dishes we bring this Thanksgiving I felt compelled to respond with a few suggestions that would help us moderate our own behavior at Thanksgiving, while maintaining the tastiness of our treats : )

Here’s some tips that SKIP suggesting making this glorious holiday a bland and tasteless one, and instead remind all to take our own present and post thanksgiving best interests to heart…

A few tips from the nerdy health advocate, yours truly:

The key to avoiding the bloated, heavy and sluggish post thanksgiving blood sugar crash is moderation moderation moderation. Eat a little bit of everything that looks tasty and really; do you reallyyy need seconds…and thirds, etc…? Being satisfied doesn’t mean being stuffed full…at all!

Use the 50/25/25 rule on your plate most importantly this thanksgiving: 50% lean proteins and vegetables, 25% starches, 25% fats. Remembering to hydrate with water and/or herbal tea after and between meals, (to help flush out the excessive sodium and oily ingredients we wouldn’t normally consume on a daily basis, as well as keep our blood sugar balanced), is also key in feeling good during and after this upcoming thanksgiving.
Post thanksgiving: Recover faster by snacking on raw vegetables, keeping a bottle of H20 with you, and just keep moving, take walks, focus on your breathing throughout the day and decide to feel good!

Note: After skimming through the thanksgiving section of foodnetwork.com I will say that avoiding or at least being reasonable with the…excessive ingredients in Paula Deans recipes or anything labeled as Home style is a safe way to go.

ALSO, fat-free, reduced fat, lite/light ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean less harmful to your body; in fact, unfortunately as of right now it usually means more artificial ingredients, lab created chemicals like table salt and preservatives, and/or sugar. Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving if we aren’t making use of the delicious naturally fatty and starchy ingredients we should be so thankful to be able to use a few times a year! If your hesitant about what’s going into your dish keep an eye on the nutrition labels and most notably the ingredients listed (be weary of scary long ingredient lists) when making decisions about the products you include in your dishes.

Like I said, the key to special occasions revolving around feasting is moderation : ) If a recipe serving 10-12 calls for more than a stick of butter, I think it’s safe to say you might want to stop there and for the remaining amount use an alternative like apple sauce, pumpkin, dates, 0% plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream or mayonnaise, or other alternatives. Whole grains are of course preferred as well as natural sweeteners like truvia, honey, or agave nectar when a recipe calls for table sugar.

Here’s another helpful blog post to look at if your wondering how to make your dishes a little more wholesome! http://www.squidoo.com/healthythanksgiving

Gobble Gobble!

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