Need An Energy Boost? Go Batty for B-12!

Posted on November 20, 2010


Do YOU suffer from:

A stressful lifestyle?

A sluggish demeanor?

An unfortunate addiction to those artificially flavored, caffeine ridden, aspartame “enhanced” 5 hour energy shots? (um, gross)

Sounds like you just might want to consider getting those phat pants out of your office chair (momentarily of course) and into your local health food store to score the closest legal thing to liquid cocaine: Vitamin B-12 (Woah now; OK so it’s not that good, but it’s GOOD.)

Incorporating a b12 complex into your health regime totes several benefits, like:

  • Increased Energy (and fast)
  • Improves Immune function to fight disease (through daily use)
  • Can benefit those with thyroid disorders (consult physician)
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Improves Mood (Can have noticeable benefits as an added measure for those suffering from depression)
  • Enhanced Focus

This stuff works WONDERS I tell you. I use Solgar Sublingual Liquid B-12, With B Complex 

This is my favorite type and brand of b12 because it’s: suitable for vegetarians, those who are gluten and wheat free, has no added sugars, AND no artificial flavors or colors. (um, fabulous) Here’s the stats: 

I know your probably thinking, “hmmm, I’m not sure if I want to take a gross liquid vitamin, so I’ll just get the capsule form of b12, woo hoo time to get energized!”, and my response would be, “WRONG”.

Instant energy comes at a price, that price being…gross. Yes you can go to your local vitamin shop and pick up some b12 capsules, but guess what: those capsules have to be absorbed and digested while keeping the b12 in tact before it reaches the small intestine. In the supplement world, that can be a very, very tricky thing to consider when choosing the appropriately formulated capsule encasing your vitamin. SO, just don’t.

(Also, keep in mind here that I DO work at a supplement shop, and I WILL question you about the supplement you bought last month and whether or not it’s working; hence, my opinions are widely consumer based here, SO: no need to get on amazon to look at those consumer reviews dudes).

Sub-lingual vitamins are absorbed instantly by your blood stream because they are taken under the tongue. YAYY.

So go on, add some sublingual b12 to your health routine today! AND please, don’t think it’ll replace good nutrition, getting off your ass now and then, and 8 hours of sleep, because IT WON’T (but it will make all those things a little easier at the end of the day).

; )

STAY PHAT out there.

Phat Chow