Say NO To Coke

Posted on November 29, 2010


If you clicked on this post because you were searching to validate your addiction, then the one thing I have to say to you is, welcome to coke zero addicts anonymous! My name is Phat Chow, and I’m a recovered Coke Zero PHENE. I’ll be your accountability partner today! A zero calorie cola that tastes just like the real thing sounds too good to be true, because it is (which is usually the case with many health claims out there in the food and supplement marketing world.)

It’s time to stop living in denial diet soda addicts out there! Fess up and put down that diet coke!

Recently banned in Venezuela in June of 2009 for containing DANGEROUS CHEMICALS (1), Coke Zero, which just happened to be my poison of choice during high school and first couple years of undergrad (so really when I say Coke Zero I mean ALL perturbed diet soft drinks/most of the  fizzy chemical drink industry in general), is officially gross.

Known by many health and nutrition experts to be one of the most dangerous food additives in existence is aspartame. Research aside, I don’t like being the diet industry’s guinea pig only to find out when I’m 45 (20 20 12?) that my adrenal glands are thrice screwed over and my brain is half the size it was (extreme but, is it?) than when I began drinking diet coke like water (I know right, like OMG water?).

ASPARTAME is a very unfortunate chemical (that p.s, contains methanol, a precursor to FORMALDEHYDE) used to artificially sweeten many “diet” classified foods these days; the most commonly of said products being diet soft drinks. (2)

Coke Is Gross

Here’s a little something I learned through public education:

How to say no to drugs: “Um haven’t you seen that fried egg in that commercial?”

Phat Chow Public Service Announcement:

Just Say NO To Coke

But don’t feel bad that your tempted. I was once in denial just like you; on the internet desperately trying to find a legitimate (or not) article, blog, research study, Facebook post, anything just to reassure myself I wasn’t in danger or ‘god forbid!’ needing to consider cutting off the eerie magnetic draw this sleek black box of chemicals had on my soul…err, my brain…

This, my phatty friends, is a little miracle I like to call w a t e r.


Essentia Water (find it at your local health food store)

And it’s FREE (well, for the most part; Essentia is kind of a luxury but hey, heyy, easy now. Don’t judge my health nerd ways! I get a 20% discount and besides; how’s a phat girl to resist ice cold, electrolyte infused, purified by reverse osmosis, and alkalinized using Ionic Separation Technology water?? I know right; she can’t)..

What you can’t see at the moment (because I know you’re phening for that can of caffeine doused phenylalanine) is that water represents good health, THE fountain of youth at our fingertips if you will…and it’s SO refreshing and tasty!  Allow me to be your cold shower (and attention class, what do we use to GET CLEAN in a shower? Funny how the inside of our body kind of works like the outside…)

So go grab a bottle (reusable) today! And if you prefer to not use the tap water available to you (I don’t blame you) and you’re fortunate enough to live around a health food store; it’s very likely they’ll have a reverse osmosis water machine in which case you can bring in a milk jug, water container, shoe, fish bowl (hell, us health hippies don’t care what you use!) and fill it up for around 10 cents a gallon! WOOHOO. You officially have no excuse not to drink water, and your body (and the mental clarity it will bring you) will thank you.



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