Synchronize Your Watches Kids; It’s Peanut Butter Acidophilus Jelly Time!

Posted on December 5, 2010


Another addition of (can I get a drum roll up in here??)…

What Phat Chow Chows!


Leaning Tower of PBAJ

Is it getting a little too (embarrassingly) obvious at this point (since I know your such a faithful phattie subscriber and have drooled over my PB and Greek Post..multiple times..) that I can’t get enough of the peanut butter-banana combo..smashed in between the god of all sliced breads (holla to the Ezekiel peeps)?

If you are what you eat I suppose I’m simultaneously going nutty and bananas at this least it’s the all natural organic kind I guess I’m ok with that.

Check out what crazy good (for my peanut butter tooth, and my body) sandwich I whipped up and expeditiously chowed down on (after taking plenty o’ pics for those Forn ‘food porn’ enthusiasts out there) before I ran out the door for work..

Peanut Butter Acidophilus Jelly Sandwich

‘Da PBAJ (pronounced; Duh Pee-badge)


  • 2 Pieces of Toast (the kind that has actual nutritional benefit to your body, i.e whole wheat with no weird additives like high fructose syrups, artificial sweeteners (avoid light bread at all costs friends!); I love Ezekiel 4:9 personally because it keeps my blood sugar stable and my belly happy post chow down)
  • 1 Big Ole Banaynay (I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays)
  • 2 Tablespoons Natural Peanut butter (same goes for this, super jacked up amounts of added sugar isn’t necessary to make ground peanuts delicious! I like Earth Balance because they lightly sweeten their pb with agave nectar which is lower on the glycemic index)
  • 1 Tablespoon Jam/Jelly (I try to get local jam that’s not sweetened, it’s SO yummy)
  • 2 teaspoons Fruit Based Acidophilus (I like the apple orchard kind by Natures way)

Step One

(actually multiple steps in one step I know I know; always breaking the rules..*sigh*)

Toast bread

Spread peanut butter equally on both slices of bread

Slice bananas directly on to bread (I like my sandwiches with my bananas if you know what I mean)



Step Two

Obtain small glass to mix Acidophilus into jelly

Mix Acidophilus and Jelly

Pour over banana slices


looks like banana jelly pie to mee : )

Step Three

Pick up (considerably heavy at this point) loaded PBAJ bread slices

Quickly (but purposefully) bring slices together (you should say Wha Pow once you accomplish this task).

Make a cool tower if you want, or just cut it in half, or shapes (whatever floats your PBAJ boat)


Makes a very dilectable meal! Yummayy

So go on, make PBAJs a trend in your household today!

**To learn more about the benefits of including Acidophilus into your health regimen, be sure to check out the Acidophilus hyper links included in this post! (One of these days I’ll write a super awesome post about how fabulous Probiotics are in general, so be sure your clued in by heading to the top left hand side of this page and subscribing today!)