Steak and Shake Needs a Timeout..And A Nutritionist..

Posted on December 9, 2010


Steak and Shake is the latest offender on my fast food shit list. It’s embarrassing really, the inherited weakness I have for ice cream in ANY form (cones, shakes, blizzards, sundaes, gahh). So when my boyfriends weakness of fast food burgers hits him and I happen to be in the passengers seat, things can get dicey. The other night we decided to break the My Name Is Earl episode fest we’d been divulging in for hours (I’ve come to conclude that, unless it’s the discovery/history channel, watching sitcoms for hours is just bad karma, no pun intended for MNIE fans) and get off our asses to do something productive. So, bowling it was!

Ah, the glorious Rose Bowl (see their super healthy fried twice and again bowling food ads), centered in the fast food mecca of west Louisville. Of course when we got there at 7 pm, “No public bowling until 9…” so what now? Disappointed but still eager to do something exciting (and avoiding the mall at all costs), my bf spots a Steak and Shake. When he looks over at me for the go ahead my eyes are wide and he senses what my taste buds are lusting for.

First let me say, when it comes to fast food, there’s nothing about it that appeals to me. NOTHING…except ice cream. You see, there’s this gene I inherited from my Mom’s side of the family, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it; the frozen treats chromosome. You see, if we’re out of ice cream in my household, and there’s a blizzard outside, we make snow cream (Paula Dean wouuuld have a snow cream recipe…) That’s right, ice cream made out of fluffy snow (and it’s GOOD).

So down to the point: I was in hand dipped milk shake Mint Oreo AND Butterfinger heaven (because as it happens, meat people aren’t usually sweets people he drinks half of his butterfinger shake and I’m already done with my mint oreo shake. “Baby, do you want the rest?” “YES!”) God help me. I knew what I had done.

From my extensive background in calorie counting and nutrition stats scouring I knew there was damage. Most likely 1000 + calories from 1 1/2 small hand dipped milk shakes. DING DING DING. 1000 calories on the dot. I knew very well that I could have made an even better milk shake in my own blender for about an eighth of the calories, but I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it, I wanted to beat Steak and Shake up about it!

I don’t know what kind of extra extra sugar and super duper creamtastic ice cream their using in their shakes, but I have to say it’s completely unneccesary. Check out this mint shake I used to make on the regular for only 176 calories. And I swear, IT’S JUST AS GOOD.(however, even though this is low calorie, please avoid at all costs using the green food coloring and sugar free/fat free creamers and ice cream, go with the NATURAL stuff!)

Steak and Shake, I’m ashamed of you! If I were you I’d jump on the healthy nation bandwagon ASAP before you get run over by a lower fat, lower in calories, and JUST as delicious rendition of your menu. And you better believe that’s where those boarding the feel good about what goes in train are going to tread.


**Click here to get the “I’m not fat I’m pregnant with ice cream’s baby” tee I used as my featured image..haha so cute.