Sweaty And Phat…Just How I Like It

Posted on December 11, 2010


Have a burning desire to discover the quickest, and most effective way to: increase energy, stimulate bone density growth, increase self confidence, decrease appetite for food and increase appetite for life?

But you don’t feel like pausing Dancing With The Stars (or My Name is Earl) long enough to get off that gloriously phat ass of yours?

Well, there’s probably some pretty addictive narcotics you could ruin your life and try that might work temporarily. There’s also around a thousand plus supplements that will claim to fulfill every one of those desires. But let me tell you; nothing works or feels better than MOVING. Any movement at all will work!

If you like to dance, turn up the music and let loose for 30 minutes. Throw your inhibitions aside and let the rhythm take you over (Bailamos…)! Breaking a sweat will get you off if you let it, but you have to let it. Don’t worry about how much longer you need to sweat to burn off that ginormous piece of apple pie you ate last night, and don’t be ashamed of how silly you might look or be fearful of finding out how out of shape you might be; JUST DO IT (my senior quote which has proven to be one solid motto...). You WILL ALWAYS feel better after a session of stress relieving, good hearted exercise.

Whenever I’m feeling tense or like I need to blow off some steam, I like; no, LOVE to go for a jog (more like a fast bouncing walk really). Sometimes for me it’s more about the preperation for the jog that gets me hyped to sweat. When I’m getting my running gear on I blast Pandora, the radio (when I can stand hearing Mike Posner followed by Justin Bieber, repeat), a cd; anything to get me pumped to run it out.

First and foremost I put on my tennis shoes (make sure they are always near by where you get dressed so looking for them isn’t the deterring factor in getting up and out). Usually I dance in front of the mirror for a while (kind of like Madonna), remind myself of how grateful I am for the phatty that is me and for every other blessing in my life. Going over my favorite motivational affirmations always helps me clearly see what’s best for me.

“You must cease from looking at human mistakes and look at successes; cease from seeing faults and see virtues.”

Choose to see your beauty and power when you are getting ready to go for a run, do an aerobics class, strike some yoga poses, or do that favorite Russel Simmons video you love so much. Once you do this and cast out the negative thoughts, all you’ll want for yourself is bigger and better things, because that will be the only conceptual image you’ll have in your mind for yourself! It’s truly an awesome thing when you no longer associate exercise with “pain, hard work, disappointed”, but instead “uplifting, energizing, heart accelerating, medication for the soul”!

Small motivators also help; like this super cool new running app I found last week for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you have an iPhone this app shows you your running path via GPS, and even if you just have an iPod Touch it will tell you your running pace and distance with out the Nike+ shoe sensor (did I mention how fuggin’ cool this is!?)! Seeing how far I’ve run at any given point is an awesome short term motivator for me because I can create small challenges for myself while I’m running which makes the time fly and keeps me coming back for more.

This App Is SO Cool

Figure out what motivates YOU to move, and do that! Always try to make time in a body moving session to center your energies and your mind through stretching exercises. Go to a secluded area in your home or back yard (see crazed hula hooper), focus on your breathing and feel where the tension resides in your body. Thoroughly and purposefully make an effort to focus on releasing the tension from these areas (attending some yoga classes will help you learn how to go about doing this in a safe and highly effective manor, I HIGHLY recommended yoga) as doing so will make you crave getting your heart rate UP, and then back down (the best part), on a routine basis.

**Use your judgement (and discretion) to choose the safest and most effective way to get moving for you (not advising for you start a rigorous exercise routine with out a lot of experience or help from a professional here), but most of all, enjoy your self and the gift of having the ability to embrace being active!

“Whatever you habitually think yourself to be, that you are. You must form, now, a greater and better habit; you must form a conception of yourself as a being of limitless power, and habitually think that you are that being. It is the habitual, not the periodical thought that decides your destiny.”