Smoky, Savory and Super Stuffed Veggie Stir Fry Tacos

Posted on January 21, 2011


These sizzling BBQ sauce and Rawmesan glazed vegetable stuffed tacos will make any vegetarian, and maybe even your favorite carnivore, plead for seconds (if they’ve got room left after just one!)

Get creative while making these tacos! Because I was snowed in and unable to trek to the grocery for fresh veggies, I called upon my handy dandy frozen flora (veggies) to save the day, err..lunch. And check it out; for each 16 oz. bag of highly enzymatic, raw, and filling fare I paid one dollar! That comes out to be just around 15 cents for the filling of this GINORMOUS taco I made! (for all those veggie naysayers that object to eating healthy because “it’s just too expensive”, LAME excuse people).

I started out making the filling for these tacos by defrosting 1 cup of veggies (california style and green/red pepper and onion mix) in a skillet on medium/low (with the lid on, periodically stirring) which takes about 8 minutes or so.

Before I got my stir fry on I added about 1/2 Tablespoon of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (you could use EV Olive Oil but that’s just not as cool, plus you can sneak in a beauty sesh while those veggies are cooking by rubbing some coconut oil into that wintery dry skin of yours..err. BONUS.) and about 1/8 teaspoon Real Salt and 1/8 Tablespoon ground Paprika to the warmed vegetables.

Toss the veggies, salt, and paprika around a few times and turn that heat up to Medium/High.

After the veggies have that nice browned look (it’ll take about 5 minutes or so with occasional tossing) it’s time to turn the heat down to Medium/Low and add the saucy glaze. This is where you can get creative.

I decided Amy’s sweet and savory Smoky Maple BBQ Sauce would change things up a bit so I decided to use that as my sauce base. I also had some leftover canned Pure Pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix) in the fridge that I used the other day in my oatmeal that I didn’t want to go to waste, so I used that as well for my sauce (also simultaneously fulfilling my beta carotene intake for the day just with one heaping Tablespoon).

Then (veryy exciting discovery!) I remembered that I recently nabbed an exciting new product we have at Rainbow Blossom called Rawmesan.

It’s a vegan alternative to parmesan cheese but hey, don’t get any wrong ideas because this stuff is FANTASTIC. By chucking a good Tablespoon of it onto my sauced up veggies it added a cheesy kick to my taco.

Rawmesan has got my health freak sensor going bazerk it’s so packed with fun stuff! It’s mainly composed of Nutritional Yeast which has been shown to have many health benefits being that it contains all 18 essential amino acids (which means it’s a COMPLETE high quality protein), contains these important minerals: manganese, copper, vanadium, molybdenum and lithium; AND is high in naturally occurring b vitamins like b-12 and b-6. (it’s also awesome on popcorn. YUM.)

I thought a nutty component would kick it up a notch (holla Emeril) so I threw about an 1/8 teaspoon of sesame seeds on the veggies before I turned up the heat to medium high to get my stir fry on (so the seeds would toast on the veggies while they browned a bit).

When my veggies were about ready to take off the heat I threw a whole grain tortilla on the chopping board and evenly covered it with the savory component (also my glue for the lettuce and filling):1 Tablespoon Lite Safflower Mayonaise which has come to be one of my favorite spreads these days. It’s high in vitamin E and isn’t calorie overkill. However, this stuff is NOT vegan so stick with egg free Vegenaise if you would prefer to bask in vegan glory.

I then plucked 3 butter lettuce leaves from a living head of lettuce and distributed them on the tortilla. Piping hot, I slid the veggies off the skillet and onto the lettuce..

Because I knew this taco wouldn’t stay in tact without some fancy folding, I re hatched my deli prep days and used the Two Fold Tortilla Technique (which I just named and really isn’t that fancy at all). It involves pulling the left and right sides of the tortilla together, then…

…while still holding on to the left and right sides, bringing the  the bottom side up and folding it to touch the top side.


And there you have it folks, one big ass, super satisfying (and orgasmically nutritious) Smoky, Savory, and Super Stuffed Veggie Stir Fry Taco!

Here’s an Ingredient Sum Up:

1 cup- frozen (or even better, not frozen) vegetables of your choice (I had california blend and peppers with onions mix on hand)

1/8 teaspoon- Real Salt

1/8 teaspoon- Ground Paprika

1/8 teaspoon- Raw Sesame Seeds

1 Tablespoon- Rawmesan (orrrr actual Parmesan if you want to be lame) ; )

1/2 Tablespoon of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (because EV Olive Oil is so last year)

1 Tablespoon- Smoky Maple BBQ sauce (I dig the kind by Annies because it’s super tasty, organic, all natural, and well, I got it for free at work..)

1 Tablespoon- Pure Pumpkin

3- Butter Lettuce Leaves

1 Tablespoon- Safflower Mayo (or what ever nutritiously beneficial in some way, shape, or form kind of Mayo YOU prefer)

1- Whole Wheat Tortilla