The Right Kind Of Men Will Set You Free…Ramen That Is

Posted on January 26, 2011


This goes out to all of those who love to keep it real with Ramen Noodles every once in a while…of course, this is 2011 people. Healthy People 2020 is just around the corner which means chowin’ down on mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) and  hydrolyzed corn (MSG)  is just unacceptable for us growing and flourishing generation Y’ers and even you growing younger baby boomers.

These types of very silly ingredients are the kinds of seasonings you want to stear clear of and also the types of ingredients that happen to linger in the cheapest varieties of Ramen (the kinds that come in Souper-Packs and say, “0 Grams of Trans Fat!!” in big bold letters.)

What they don’t know is that YOU, being the highly informed consumer you are, know to observe and evaluate the nutrition label and clearly see those sneaky other 14 grams of other fat (7 grams of which being saturated). Not to mention 1660 mg of sodium from MSG. Psh, lame.

This is where KOYO’s Ramen rides in on it’s valiant white horse and casts a magical spell on your taste buds (with out casting hypertension and a sluggish demeanor on your life style).

A bowl of these noodles seriously delivers with 200 calories, 1 gram of fat, 748 mg of sodium (still a wee bit high but hey, at least it’s not from MSG), 3 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein! Woohoo! (and bonus, this stuff is organic too! Saweeet.)

All you have to do is get fancy, use what you have on hand, and hook them noodles up!


I came home from school and work (exhausted and, you all, I was READY to put some food down), and I opened the fridge. For the 3rd day in a row my gaze sat fixed on a tupper ware container of left over baked salmon (not complaining because salmon truly get’s the job done).

Even though lunch was getting pretty fishy on this third day of left overs, I just can’t resist a good helping of Omega 3 fatty acids and it was now or never to do this salmon dance. As my phat little wheels began to turn my gaze shifted to a super sized bag of (you know I’m not about to say french fries) spinach (because Pop Eye had it all figured out) and a jar of marinara Sauce (the lazy, but still unadulterated, jarred kind).

I wanted to mix things up, but even Phat Chow lacks motivation to slice, dice, and wait around for rice to boil sometimes. I knew what I had to do.

Step One: Boil Water

Step Two: Break Koyo Ramen Noodle block in half, place in water, set timer for four short minutes. (belly growls)

Step Three: Heat up Salmon (or whatever excellent source of protein you happen to be harboring in the fridge) and about a quarter cup of Marinara Sauce (or you could try teriyaki sauce, cream of mushroom soup, raw-mesan and coconut milk, whatever you have!)

Step Four (which is actually a very sneaky compiled bit of mini 5 second steps…):

  • Mix Ramen and packet of seasoning (or even a teaspoon of italian, or fitting seasoning for your protein choice, would be divine) in bowl.
  • Throw as much spinach (raw, not zapped in the microwave or wilted down in a skillet, as those precious enzymes become much less effective, if not destroyed, when heated above 118 degrees) as you can handle right on top of those noodles.
  • Admiringly pour on that piping hot sauce of choice and plop on that protein.


1 point Phat Chow, 10 points Koyo Ramen

Like I said, the right kind of Men will set you free.

In 4 minutes, this Ramen turned my ho hum leftovers into a fabulous dish and left me feeling fully satisfied and accomplished of my devoured masterpiece… despite my genius devious short cutting ways.