Cobalamin (b12) Tonic And Therapeutic Latte

Posted on April 8, 2011


In pursuit of becoming an endless vat of nutrition knowledge I stumbled across my most prized current purse literature (well, besides my Eat Right For Your Blood Type: A book which I treat as my go to to eat or not to eat source…). Written by Marcella Von Harting, a Chronobiologist extraordinaire, Chronobiotic Nutrition uses the concepts of Chronobiology, the science of using optimal timing to administer medication in treating illness, as a guideline for diet.

I’m totally enthralled with this book and have seen an increase in my energy levels (almost didn’t think was possible) and am infatuated with my new eating regimen. The basic theory of chronobiotic nutrition is to calibrate what you eat and when with what evolution has come to develop as organic life’s DNA 24-hour light cycle of day and night: eat foods from trees in the morning hours, foods from bushes in the afternoon hours, and foods from the ground at night time.

Based on the theory that at different times of day our body is following this cycle and our organs are cycling through a process of cleansing, building, and resting, we can eat to further aid in these processes as they are happening.

After putting these concepts into practice the past couple of months I’ve found that this absolutely works! WOWZERS.

There are certain “tonics” developed for enhancing organ function, one of which I make sure to include in my regimen every day when possible and have passed along to my Mom for its pre menopausal benefits (not that she’s exhibiting any menopausal behaviors or anythinggg…) This tonic has been dubbed the Cobalamin (b12) Tonic.

Besides the most mind blowing element of this tonic that its main ingredients are chocolate AND coffee, this mocha café may tout the ability to balance hormones by regulating cortisol (a stress hormone). If drunken during the optimum time, between the hours of 7-9 am (stomach time), your body may be able to better regulate cortisol by releasing the hormone early in the day so that by the time evening rolls around your body is able to relax.

SWEET, right? I know you’re dying for the recipe…here’s my twist on the Cobalamin Tonic for the latte lovers out there (Holla Phat Momma!) Keep in mind however, that you will achieve the most optimum benefits by skipping the milk/latte version and sipping only the tonic.

Cobalamin Tonic AND Therapeutic Latte

One teaspoon pure cocoa

One teaspoon (minimum) Grade B 100% maple syrup

(grade B contains the highest mineral content as it comes straight from the tree, unprocessed)

Cup of regular coffee brewed to your preference

*For Latte:

1/4 cup Non-dairy milk of your choice

(unsweetened variety of coconut, almond, rice, or soy will do)

Milk Frother

If you’re dependent on your morning lattes and give away what only the good gracious giving universe knows as an insurmountable amount of cash money on your morning fix, INVEST IN ONE OF THESE ASAP:

The Aerolatte Milk Frother / Most justice you’ll do for your coffee/wallet all year

Directions for Preparation:
  1. Get out 2 mugs: In one pour your dairy free milk, heat in the microwave for 1 minute or until steaming hot.*
  2. Take AeroLatte or milk frother of choice and using up and down motions steep frother starting at bottom of mug and working up for about 20 seconds and then for 10 seconds or so take frother to the top of milk so that air is incorporated into milk and much froth begins to form at top. Let sit until step 5.*
  3. Mix cocoa and maple syrup until a paste forms at the bottom of your other coffee cup (it’ll take 30 seconds or so of stirring but sure enough a liquidy paste resembling the picture to right will form).
  4. Pour coffee to fill 3/4 of mug with cocoa syrup paste and stir to incorporate chocolate syrup paste with spoon.
  5. Take spoon and cover froth (to keep from dripping into latte) while pouring hot milk into cup.*
  6. Then spoon froth onto top of latte (I used a toothpick to swirl in pretty cocoa coffee design).*

WABAMM, homemade tonic latte. AND SO EASY!

STAY TUNED (by subscribing of course) for more delicious tonics and Chrono-biotic themed phat tips, tricks, and licks ; )