This Carrot Slushy Will BEET the Crap Outta’ You

Posted on July 18, 2011


Ever tried carrot juice? Don’t knock it till you rock it! This stuff is sweet and YUMMY but, for discretionary purposes, not for everyone. Put this glowing orange elixir in a blender with ice, pour into a bossin glass, add a splash of psychedelic purple beet juice right on top and it becomes a superfood twist on a classic convenient stop treat.

This frosty beverage will BEET the sh*t out of you...literally

“So Phat Chow, what’s with you finding a way to put beet juice in practically everything you make lately?”

Well, because this phatty is newly 21, and attempting to detox whenever and wherever possible. It also so happens that Rainbow Blossom has a gorgeous new display of raw juices in the cooler section. Beet juice, a beautiful natural blood detoxifier, happens to be sitting pretty in that collection of raw juices so I get at it as much as possible!

It should be noted that raw beet juice should be drunk in small amounts as it is CHALK full of powerful nutrients, and not all may have a positive reaction to the stuff. It is recommended that it be diluted with carrot, cabbage, apple, plum, or pumpkin juice. According to beet juice is a blood purifier and builder that increases red blood cell production and assists in curing a variety of diseases of the circulatory system, large intestine, and digestive system (1).

In a recent smaller study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology it was concluded that the nitrates in beet juice enabled test subjects to increase ability to continue physical activity. After consumption of beet juice, the participants experienced lower blood pressure and greater oxygen availability to muscles, making exercise less tiring. AHHWOWZERS.

Oh and carrot juice-yeah this stuff is pretty impressive too! Just 8 ounces of fresh carrot juice contains as much as 800% of your recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamin A, 35% RDA of vitamin C, 10% RDA of potassium, 6% RDA of calcium, and ALL FOR ONLY 80 calories (2).

Ipad for christmas? Psh, phalease. If you ‘carrot’ all about my health Mom and Dad you’ll get this chick a juicer!!