cHow To TV: Make Liquid Stevia Extract w/Espresso Maker

Posted on August 24, 2011


Touched by the kitchen creation angel, a beautiful idea was born. Consequently it turns out that an espresso machine is for more than just your average joe head..

I think I’m so used to saying raw this and raw that these days that I had a slip and exclaimed that this is raw stevia extract which is false. It’s definitely not raw since water over 115 degrees was used to extract the sweetness from the leaf, but nonetheless, this stuff is as pure as it gets!

I hope you’re willed to try it at home, and don’t forget that a coffee maker should produce similar, just maybe not as concentrated, results if you’re lacking that nifty lil espresso maker.

Oh and I’d like to remind all my favorite phatties that I’m currently undergoing the 7 day 100% raw food challenge this week and am documenting my journey as we speak! My hopes in completing this challenge include improving my skin, clearing up the occasional brain fog I’ve experienced the past year and a half and, in light of whatever my results may be, to sweeten my arsenal of wellness experiments on my journey to health enlightenment ; )

So stay tuned to Phat Chow TV for my experiences, tips, tricks, recipes, and results when embarking on 100% raw foods or any detox/cleansing program which I will be posting throughout the month of September!


Phat Chow : )

p.s Also stay tuned for that cool vegan kiwi pie recipe I mentioned in the video. PERFECT SUMMER TREAT! Yumsies 😀

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