Keep Your Beverages Frosty With Iced Chai Cubes

Posted on September 15, 2011


How To: Iced Chai/Tea Cubes

I like to think of it as adding a little Chilled Autumn to any iced beverage *coughcoffeecough*

Ingredients and Tools

  • 4 Tea Bags of choice (Here I used Chai by Tazo Tea and decaf Citrouille Epicee (Pumpkin spice in french : o ) by Stash** If using a gas stove top be sure to take tags and strings off tea bags so they aren’t hanging from sauce pan…not that my roommate learned this the hard way or anything…
  • 2 cups of spring water
  • 1 medium sized sauce pan


  1. Bring Water to Boil
  2. Add tea bags, turn water down to low simmer
  3. Let tea bags steep for at least 10 minutes to get the highest concentration
  4. I then squeegee the tea bags out and let water simmer for another10 minutes to up the tea to water ratio
  5. Then after reaching room temp, using a pourable container with a small mouth (I like to use pyrex liquid measuring cups), pour into ice cube trays of choice and let chill out for however long it takes for your freezer to freeze liquid!

Today I used my Chai Cubes to make a Pumpkin ChaI’ceburg along with espresso, raw honey, and almond milk : )

There's not too many other better ways to start a morning than a Pumpkin ChaI'ceburg : )