DIY: Sweet Night Paste

Posted on September 18, 2011


(1) You'd be surprised what top secret beauty tools are hiding in your cabinet!

DIY is all the rage and Phat Chows loves ragin’, therefore Phat Chow is all about DIY (philosophy 101, holla)! Since I’m also all about clearing up whatever acne crisis I’ve got going on around my cheek area, I’ve gone close to dogmatic with natural skin care and had a small burn party of sorts for my cheap wally world beauty kit. My organic skin, meet my organic pantry. Please bond and create beautiful miracles together.

Between the nutritional healing book at work and my much too concentrated period of time scouring, here’s the mad concoction I’ve come up with for a gentle skin brightening night mask:

  • 1 teaspoon manuka honey

my lil raw beauty alter

  • 1  teaspoon of oolong. witch hazel mix

(I make about a 6 oz batch of the super concentrated oolong tea.witch hazel mix using

1 cup spring water

3 oolong tea bags

1/4 cup unscented (or whatever kind you like) witch hazel

…I then pour and store in the original witch hazel container)


After cleansing face, (I’ve been using a cleansing paste made of ground up steel cut oats the past few nights and my skin is feeling amazinG) start making sweet paste by first dabbing and mixing honey and oolong.witch hazel mixture in hand.

Add drops of tea tree and sea buckthorn oils in palm mixture and use hands to massage on to face. Leave on for as long as you’d like but when it comes to overnight masks, beware, honey never met a pillow it didn’t get freaky with! Tonight I put the paste on about 2 hours before I’ll hopefully get to bed and so far it’s drying quite nicely and the stickiness is subsiding. It feels as though my pores are tightening and zits are already being fought away as this stuff sits on my face (DIY placebo effect?)

OH, and it smells, and licks, DEVEYNE.

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