Lo Carb Hi Times Lo Mein

Posted on September 18, 2011


I’ve been on an e-spending frenzy lately, especially when it comes to nifty kitchen appliances. In fact, I better hide my credit card number now before I  rationalize blowing my savings on this excalibur dehydrator I’ve been eyeing (I could make raw cheezey kale chips!)

At any rate, this beautiful low carb and RAW noodle dish was birthed under the circumstances of my crazed kitchen stocking spree (I was beginning to consider opening up a small deli, considering the kitchen supply start up costs would surely be slim to none at this rate) where I spontaneously decided I couldn’t go another 3 days (estimated amazon delivery time) without vertically julienned vegetables.

And now that I have my hands on one of these fun tri blade vegetable slicer and peelers, I’m pretty sure I’ll never bother making grain pasta again. Is this what appliance LOVE feels like? : D

Unlike most, this bowl of noodles will have you skipping the FAT for the PHAT. Yes, these noodles are made from cucumber and squash : )

Different Ingredients To Try : )

1 medium squash of choice, peeled with a pairing knife

1 medium english cucumber, peeled

1 medium carrot (I didn’t have a whole carrot, just babies but orange noodles would’ve looked pretty cool)

2 t. raw ACV

1 t. ground ginger root

1/8 t. Himalayan Salt, celtic sea salt, or Real Salt

1 T. PB2 (powdered space age kind of peanut butter stuff)

1 oz. sprouted almonds (I got mine from the bulk bin at Rainbow Blossom)

1 small avocado

1 small sun-dried tomato

soooo am I a qualified raw chef now? Cuz I feel like one with this lil diggy.


Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Sharp Knife and cutting board

Vegetable Peeler


  1. Peel, spiral, and julienne your veggies/fruits/whatever cool stuff you can find to use with your machine
  2. Add to medium sized mixing bowl
  3. add liquid ingredients
  4. Then dry ingredients
  5. If time permits, it’d be best to let veggies marinate for an hour or two to soak in all those wonderful savory flavors, but eating right away will still be delicious
P.S I’ll attempt to get a how to video together soon to show you how easy and nifty these veggie spiral machines are to use!
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