Soak It, Sprout It, Wait; Then Roast It

Posted on September 26, 2011


Ever since that 7 day raw cleanse I’m not sure I’ll ever see nuts and seeds the same way again. Without little tails jutting out their back ends, they just don’t seem as glamorous and fulfilling. So even though I’m down to eat nuts and seeds with all the living enzymes destroyed (occasionally) I still have this compulsive urge to sprout them first…seems somewhat paradoxical but, I figure why not follow this life’s unusual trend.

I spy with my little eye: another kobocha squash to make more sproasted seeds...

One thing I’ll say is that my sproasted nuts and seeds experiment initiated a beautiful new staple recipe in my kitchen: Sweet and Salty Sproasted Kabocha Squash Seeds.

crispy, salty, sweet, divine.

I really wanted to come home from work to some crunchy sproasted nuts, and figured 5 hours of dehydrating at 200 F in the oven would be a perfect time to commence on my journey into unknown territory of sproasted seeds…

sprouting...sprouttinnggg...finallyyy sprouted!

Turns out, not all seeds roast equally. The kabocha and sunflower seeds were damn close to a perfect 10, but; dun dun dunnnnnn…the chick peas were almost a big nasty trip to the dentist. It was like trying to eat them pre sprouting! Although, I digress, they will be a nice addition to the next stew I make : )

almost chipped a molar here..

I want to put these Kabocha seeds on everything! They’re good on salads, desserts, yogurt!

Sproasted Seed Trilogy

Please try this at home with any kind of seed you can get your hands on! I have been hearing about this wonderful orange squash that will soon be very in season…

For results similar to my favorite of the trilogy, the Kabocha Seeds; melt down a T. of raw coconut oil and 2 t. of raw honey, shake up seeds in container with lid, and sprinkle with raw salt; Now roast at around 200 degrees F for 4-5 hours (or dehydrate at 100 all day/overnight). Keep an eye on seeds and be sure to check and taste frequently : )