What to Do When You’ve Eaten 2 Bars of Chocolate in Succession

Posted on April 6, 2012


Zeolite facemask experiment

Eat another one!

While listening to (1):

Maybe if you’re lucky and rockin blood type A+ (2), the chocolate boost will rev up your gorgeous bod : )

Gotta get those veggies too though..chocolate covered Cali roll?

Oh, hey!
So check it out, phat chow is back!

For starters, if it’s milk chocolate you’ve eaten-then I’d do a little googley doo and at least begin reaping the benefits of the dark stuff… (from cacao–sweetened with honey, beet sugar, or maybe even stevia if you’re into that kinda thing)

If you make a regular habit of chocolate meals..

…to name a few of my faves:

And oh, but putting down 6 ounces in a 3 hour time span??

Meh, the exciting news is that it’s in the past, and now you’ve got a belly full of flavonoids and an overworked pancreas to nurture!

WATER. Like, at least 32 oz of the sexy spring water (3) shtuff in the next 3 hours. If you don’t have that, I’d make it a future goal to do your pineal gland a favor and get your hands on that raw aitch two oh (4).

Don’t forget that water can surely be processed too!

omg, like…chem trails.

You could take some digestive enzymes with lipase and amylase to ease the cocoa butter blow…these will help you out in any case of fatty food overload..like the condom of fat digestion, helpful..but not as effective as just limiting your consumption of it.

Furthermore, decide to use your gourd next time..maybe ya might’ve taken the munchies a little too far.

Yes, even though it was 75% dark, lets not let all those raw cacao nib enthusiast videos get to your head! There is such a thing as balance (5).

But mostly, take a break from watching Daniel Vitalis videos and do your candle exercises!

Let the Phat Chow Love Force Continue to Penetrate 

…’til next time,




 just sayin':
  1. )) either way-I’d def recommend listening to pfunk holler to CC
  2. )) radical pseudo nutrition theory alert
  3. )) ‘negative ions mann. .’
  4. )) or xena.
  5. )) translation=my personal pseudo lingo for H2O
  6. Featured image sourced from: http://xtrord.com/2010/01/28/three-places-to-od-on-chocolate/