H☼w to: Iced Adaptogen ╫ea for Longevity

Posted on July 19, 2012


*Dragon Herbs sells a tasty gynostemma tea by Spring Dragon : )

Here’s how it happens:

  1. 1 gynostemma (magical grass*) based tea bag in your favorite pitcher of all time

  2. 1 gallon mountain valley spring water (kept in green or blue glass with love and health painted all over bottle, of course), brought to simmer

  3. take water off heat to cool off until just steaming

  4. pour water over tea bag

  5. skip around or do something energizing for 30 minutes while tea bag steeps (this tea bag is about 5x the strength and durability of just any other ol’ tea bag)

  6. take out tea bag and pour over ice cubes made of spring water or your favorite juice

  7. do with tea whatever you wish…((honey a touch o vanilla and a straw sure is a great addition for sipping—a skin treatment would be cool to experiment with—id say making enough to bath in would be ideal))

ººººPhat Chowºººº

*magical grass–according to Dragon Herbs Online, which also happens to be a great place to find the stuff in tea bags

featured image source: http://www.hatfindo.com/the-long-life-secret-finally-revealed/longevity tea image source: http://www.dragonherbs.com/prodinfo.asp?number=601