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Posted on September 9, 2012



Chow Slam 

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Kinda like those sand art projects we all did as little people with lunch boxes sitting in our cubbies

Have you found your local natural food market and hit up the bulk herb bin lately? Ever?

Find your local health food store here

If you’re not too familiar with herbs or spices, even better. Do you like candy stores? If yes, you’ll probably like your nearby bulk herb section. It’s cheaper, healthier and, even though this could be argued, more versatile than most candy.

You already have what it takes to make your own culinary spice mix–given you have a sense of smell. Hell, even if you can’t smell, use one of those other super enhanced senses you’re floatin around with. You might be surprised by how intuitively friendly your eyeballs are with your taste buds.

Open the jars that show themselves to you, given you’re working with clear jars here. If not, look at the exotic names, and take a whiff of what’s inside (make sure your shnozz is a decent distance away in case it’s a powdery substance that may flood into your nostrils unexpectedly).

I did some herb exploration a few months ago and have had baggies of cool spices sitting in my cabinet ever since, until yesterday when I ran out of Spike, my all time favorite seasoning to use on everything-right next to Todd’s Dirt. Alchemy was in order. Check it…

Post shake-final product to transfer into my now empty spike shaker

Follow the post it note on the jar to create a similar spice blend. But it’s really quite simply a suicide of random spices I gave no more thought to than dumping everything I had collected in little baggies into a jar.

Amplify your cooking experience with your own personalized spice magick.

Here’s a snazzy easy read on 20 beneficial spices to add to yer cuisine 

Put it on sautéed veggies, salads, rice, grits, hommus, soup, cooking oil infusion, snort it (only acceptable if you film it and send it to me), give it to a lucky friend cuz you love em, make a dog treat with it, add it to your foot bath, make some kind of invigorating medicinal honey water tonic out of it…

Yeah, man! You are so fucking gorgeous, I know it!

Rudolf Steiner meditation of the day

Courtesy becomes steadiness of feeling

Right Examination

Right Judgement

If you like to hold hands with the wind as the fall leaves connect to the ground around you: 

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