Chow Down With Me

About me——what about you, us?

Phat Chow is experiencing a shift in being and understanding

After the discovery of a newfound tunnel of freedom exposed by the hand of a diploma, she no longer resonates with the prior offering of phatness.

Please stay tuned for updated semantics.

Phat Chow

Phat: (adjective) Mod. Slang for great; wonderful; terrific.1. “Pretty hot and tasty.”

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  1. Chef Jim Whaley

    March 22, 2011

    Black Bean Burgers
    Chef Jim Whaley

    This recipe calls for 2 cans black beans, which will make extra burgers to freeze. For less, use one can and cut the rest of the ingredients in half.

    Prepared Ingredients:
    2 cans black beans, drained and washed
    1 cup prepared salsa
    ½ teaspoon ground cumin
    Salt and pepper to taste
    2/3-cup couscous (fine couscous, uncooked)
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    1 cup shredded cheddar and Monterey jack cheese (optional- for vegan recipe omit)

    Fresh Veggies:
    The vegetables are the source of flavor and nutrition in this recipe. Use plenty; the volume of vegetables will be larger than the volume of beans. It is a great way to use seasonal ingredients.

    All of these ingredients are chopped in small dice to easily soften while being sautéed:
    1 medium onion (can be yellow or red)
    1 red bell pepper
    1 yellow red pepper
    1 poblano pepper
    1 medium eggplant
    1 small yellow summer squash
    1 small zucchini squash
    2 ears fresh corn (cut corn from cob)
    2 teaspoons minced garlic
    1 bunch fresh cilantro, finely chopped

    Other vegetables can be used or substituted. If it can be diced and sautéed, it can probably go into this recipe. I have used different varieties of squash, eggplant and peppers that I have found at the Farmers Market or in my CSA basket.

    Heat a large sauté pan with the 3 Tablespoons olive oil. Sauté the onions first until they begin to soften. Add all the other fresh vegetables. Sauté everything until all the veggies are softened and begin to caramelize. This is important. It will take some time but the veggies will slowly release their sugars and develop flavor. Look for the nice brown color on the bottom of the pan. Put one can of black beans in a food processor and pulse until mashed but not pureed. A potato masher can be substituted for the processor. Place all the prepared ingredients in a large mixing bowl and add the sautéed vegetables. Completely mix all ingredients, and allow mixture to rest for 10 minutes before making patties. Heat up sauté pan with small amount of olive oil and place formed patties into pan and brown on each side. Handle carefully since patties are soft and can fall apart easily. Use a pan that can go in the oven or transfer patties to a baking pan and cook at 350’ for 10 minutes. I like to serve them as a traditional burger with buns and toppings, but they can be enjoyed without all the accompaniments.

    • WOW, thanks Jim this sounds awesome! How do you think these would do on an charcoal grill?

      (I’m getting maybe a little too antsy for grilling season…)

      ; )

  2. so i just recently came across this blog, and its pretty phat if i may say so myself. diggin it alot, but wish there were more posts, if you can put in more work i can definitely promote it for you. so, with spirits lifted, and ideas forming, i look forward to continually checking your blog and reading what you have to say, mad respect and love.
    por un beso tuyo.
    an anonymous reader.

    • How wonderful to hear, lovely anonymous commenter.

      My problem here is a good video camera to use at my own leisure. I have a wonderful outline and plan for revamping my blog, and was planning on using my brothers dslr video cam, but it’s problematic with the lens because I have to set it up 10 feet away just to get my whole head in the shot, but enough about my fat head. He also needs it to use for his broadcasting class projects on a weekly basis.

      You’ve inspired me enough to resign back to my ipad, which works just fine for now to get my point across until I can find a good quality cam.

      The posts are about to come from the source-raw, dense, savory, food for the senses and spirit. If I can just get my shit together and start talking to the camera.

      Thanks for the push, love. Please don’t hesitate in promoting me as you are compelled to in the near future.

      love love love and peace,



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